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The devotees/ biradari of Mata Alakhishwari Mata Roop Bhawani SHARIKA INCARNATE used to perform without fail the two Hawans on the occasion of Magh Saftami at Dedmar, Nawa Kadal Srinagar & Ashwin Saftami at WASKURA, Sumbal ,Ganderbal. These two days are popularly known as SAHIBI SAFTAMI. The Hawans were performed by persons nominated by the Biradari & contributions were made by Biradari for the Hawan.

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Our Mission

Propagations of Mata’s teachings & Organising of Functions

To propagate the teachings of Mata Shree Roop Bhawani, and to educate people regarding her philosophy of life.

To organise functions like Hawan festivities, other religious functions and free medical camps.

Maintenance of Taposithals & Fund raising

Maintenance of Taposithals at Janamboomi, Vidhya Bhawan Mandir, Cheshmasahibi, Manigam, Lar, Waskura in Kashmir and Alakh Bhawan in Jammu.

Fund raising By way of donations in cash or kind for the development and maintenance of Mata Shree Bhawan at Jammu and Taposithals in valley besides providing of free medical aid to the needy people.

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