Mata Shree Roop Bhawani – The Sharika Incarnate

(Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust (Regd), Tirath Nagar, Talab Tillo, Jammu. Pin -180002)  
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As all of us know in 1990 due to unfortunate migration from Kashmir Valley the biradari got scattered in different parts of India. The Biradari members who were at Jammu, notable to name a few Late Dr Janki Nath Dhar, Pandit Raj Nath Dhar, Pandit Jawahar Lal Dhar,late Pandit Makhan Lal Dhar, Sh. Ravi Dhar, Sh. Jai Krishan Raina (Reshi), Late Pandit Kanhaya Lal Dhar, Pandit Brij Lal Dhar. Sh Moti Lal Dhar, Late Pandit Bal Krishan Dhar, Pandit Ashutosh Dhar, Pandit O.N.Dhar, Pandit P.L.Dhar, Pandit Moti Lal Muku and above all Late Pandit Amar Nath Dhar President of Trust at that time , who had carried cash and documents of Trust along with him, which helped in purchasing a plot of land at that time.


The elders of biradari met at Jammu & re-organized the Trust and after Sustained efforts conducted a meeting of Trust members .The constitution of Trust was amended which paved the way for constituting a local body, & latter on constituted a provincial body at Jammu, which took charge and with the blessings of Mata and efforts of dedicated Trust members a big and a well planned Temple complex is in place.

Members of biradari helped by way of donation and support in this endeavour, which is an ongoing process and day after day improvements are made. Few of our donors who helped us in present endeavor are;

1. Lt.Sh. Kashi Nath Bakshi
2. Lt.Sh. Sarvanand Saproo
3. Ms Aparna Dhar & family
4. Sh. T.K.Ganjoo
5. Sh. Ravi Dhar
6. Dr.J.N.Dhar & His Brothers
7. Smt. Nimmi dhar
8. Executive Members Of Trust

The provincial body took charge in year 1993 and after passage of time in the year 2002 the two bodies were merged and the main body took charge. The elections of Trust body were conducted regularly since then and the term of last body expired in year 2021.

The Following is the Executive Body of Trust at Present Term (2021-2026) :-

                                         TRUST  PATRONS


PT.Raj Nath Dhar




PT.Brij Lal Dhar




PT.Moti Lal Dhar




Name of Elected Candidates



Sh Ravi Dhar



Sh Bittu Ji Raina

General Secretary


Sh Kuldeep Krishan Dhar

Executive Council Member


Sh Ashok Dhar

Executive Council Member


Smt Pushpa Dhar

Executive Council Member


Sh Rajinder Mohan Ticku

Executive Council Member


Sh Sanjay Raina

Executive Council Member


Sh Anil Dhar

Executive Council Member


Sh S K Khushu

Executive Council Member


Sh Satish Kumar Langer

Executive Council Member


Sh,Kirti Kapil

Executive Council Member


Sh.Bushan Lal Jalali

Executive Council Member


Sh Kumar Krishan Dhar

Executive Council Member


Sh Surinder Dhar

Executive Council Member


Sh Avtar Krishan Razdan

Executive Council Member


Sh Bittu Ji Raina

Executive Council Member


Sh Surinder Kachroo

Executive Council Member


Sh J K Raina

Executive Council Member


Sh Chanchal Dhar

Executive Council Member


Sh Rajesh Raina

Executive Council Member


Sh Ravi Dhar

Executive Council Member


Sh B.L.Warikoo

Executive Council Member



The Trust from time to time as per need and aspiration of devotees has taken up different projects in past. The construction of Temple complex, The Parikrama of Guru & Mata Roop Bhawani, are a few. Trust recently Completed construction of new complex with neat and clean facilities Of  one Hall, Two Rooms, Two Kitchens and a bathroom complex. Complex has spacious open space where Tent can be erected, if required. The complex is used by biradari for religious ceremonies like, Hawan, Yagnopavit, Kriyas, Shradas Etc. The service is availed by biradari against payment of nominal maintenance charges and free by economically weaker section of biradari. The complex shall be updated in future also as per requirement and aspirations of Devotees.

Presently Trust has taken up social projects like updation of Library Facility which remains open daily from 5 pm to 8 pm. Trust has Started Yog sadhna Kendra for which a trained teacher shall be Engaged and hope fully devotees can start availing these facilities soon. Trust has recently on auspicious day of sahibi saftami inaugurated Medical consultation facility for needy, Which shall latter on updated and converted into Medical Centre. The Ground work for  the projects has been completed and hopefully By grace and blessings of Mata and contribution and help from devotees The projects shall be success. 

Trust is also working on project of providing free/ concessional Tuitions facility to the needy section of society. Trust shall be taking up any project which devotees shall suggest and shall receive constructive help from members and devotees.


Trust following its policy is reviewing all projects undertaken. In this behalf trust had to close few projects, which either got poor or no response from the devotees. The medical consultation centre has been closed due to poor response from community & library project has been put on hold due to no response. The other charitable activities of Trust have been redesigned as per response & prevailing requirements. Trust donated for community cause by providing help in kind to All State Kashmiri Pandit Conference for solemnizing mass Yagnopavit of community children & also providing note books etc to Helpline Humanity Regd. NGO. Recently trust provided material in kind to Borderless World Foundation, which are taking care of girl Childs by providing them boarding & lodging along with education facilities.


The Trust as a policy of reclaiming position in Srinagar of Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust (Regd.) owned and maintained Asthapans/Taposthals of Mata Shree Roop Bhawani & undertaking all repair & renovation there at started performing Hawan at Cheshma Sahibi Asthapan in Srinagar on Guru Purnima from the year 2004. It was due to unfortunate hostile conditions prevailing there for last two years, the said annual Hawan could not be performed as planned. It is pertinent to mention for general information of all devotees & public that the  Trust representatives have been making frequent Visits to all Asthapans to stay updated with the situation there.


The Trust as per its ongoing policy to repair & renovate Mata`s Asthapans in Kashmir, have constructed boundary wall with an iron gate at Waskura, making it secure from any kind of encroachment. The Nawa Kadal temple has also been painted & adjacent School building has been got repaired & renovated. The repairs & renovation of Manigam, Janam Bhoomi & Lar Asthapans are actively pursued & in future with the active, purposeful and result- oriented co-operation from all concerned, shall mutually be working on these projects in phased manner. The trust representatives & devout devotees of Mata Shree are working overtime to get permission from authorities concerned for repairs & renovation at Cheshma Sahibi Asthapan. Trust is hopeful in getting permission in next working season.  We, therefore, appeal to all concerned to actively participate & contribute in this project by physical presence as well as monetary contribution.


The Trust shall be celebrating 400th year of Aaverboot Divas of Mata Shree Roop Bhawani in year 2021. In line with this trust solemnized Prakash Utsav-2017 on the occasion of Aaverboot Divas Hawan in June 2017, on the occasion the prominent personalities of community were conferred with ALAKH SAMMAN, for their valuable contribution. This year three persons namely a) Pandit P.N.Sayil b) Pandit Dr. T.N.Ganju      c) Late Pandit  Sarvanand Koul Premi ji were conferred with Alakh Samman. The Prakash Utsav celebration shall be continued and ongoing process in future too.


The Trust, fulfilling its social obligations towards the society, has paid Educational Grant, Medical Aid & Marriage Grant to the deserving underprivileged incumbents on the merits of individual cases, duly after examining and scrutinizing all the relevant documents plus physical verification by the Committee constituted by the Trust.


  • Grants & Aid




Education Grant



Medical Grant



Marriage/Sahita Grant