Mata Shree Roop Bhawani – The Sharika Incarnate

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01-07-2021Article about Mata Roop Bhawani by Dr. Daleep Pandita in Urdu newspaper The Daily Aftab Srinagar
24-06-2021Mata Roopa Bhawani Jee - Article by Dr Daleep Pandita in Greater Jammu
23-06-2021Splendored Saintess of Kashmir - Article by Dr Daleep Pandita in Early Times
22-06-2021Roop Deedh - Saintess of Kashmir. Article by Dr Daleep Pandita in Greater Kashhmir
21-06-2021Childhood period of Mata Shree Roop Bhawani - Article by Dr. Daleep Pandita in Jammu Express
20-06-2021Article on Mata Roop Bhawani, The Mystic Saint of Kashmir, by Dr Daleep Pandita in Daily Excelsior
16-06-2021Article on Life of Mata Roop Bhawani by Dr Daleep Pandita in Statetimes
01-06-2021ELECTION RESULT NOTIFICATION. -- The election to the office of the president , General Secretary and 20 Executive Members of the Trust was held on 11th April 2021at the trust office and results finalised after counting on 31st May,2021. -- On the basis of election results received from election officers 1. Dr. Deleep Pandita 2. Er.B.L.Rawal entrusted with the job of conducting the elections, the following members are declared elected to the office as under: (I). Sh. Ravi Dhar, as President. (II) Sh. Bittu ji Raina as General Secretary. (III) (XX).......Executive members as per list below. Consequently, the members hereby assume the charge of their offices after taking sankalap today on 1st june , 2021 through physical and virtual modes. Sd/- President. Cc. 1)All honourable members of the general council. 2) Notice board andTaposithals 3) social media .
29-05-2021Notice regarding Election Votes Counting -- Email received from the Election Officer -- The Interim President, SAST Jammu Sir, In continuation to our earlier mail on captioned subject we have been conveyed No Objection by some of the contestants contesting for the post of 20 Executive Council Members for the Term 2021-26, while as we have not received any objection from other contestants till this time. So it is deemed that they do not have any objection to this second method of counting of votes as conveyed by us in our earlier mail. So it may be accordingly informed to all stakeholders including contestants, devotees and placed on public domain that counting of votes for the election of one President, one General Secretary and 20 Executive Council members shall be held on 30-05-2021 from 8 a.m. in the office premises of SAST, Jammu with the observance of strict laid down guidelines of observing COVID appropriate protocol by the government and following SOP procedures. Further Contestants contesting for the post of one President and one General Secretary, current Interim President may requested to remain present in this counting process and necessary arrangement including supporting manpower may be done for smooth conduct of counting process. Thanking you. Er. B. L. Rawal, Dr. Daleep Pandita
10-04-2021Instruction sheet for electing President, General Secretary and Executive Council Members of SAST for the term 2021-26
10-04-2021Identification sheet
10-04-2021Sample Ballot Paper No: III
10-04-2021Sample Ballot Paper No: II
10-04-2021Sample Ballot Paper No: 1
25-03-2021Election for office Bearers & Executive Council Members of Mata Shri Alak Sahiba Trust ( Regd ) Jammu for term 2021-26
18-03-2021List of Nomination Papers Received
06-03-2021Election Notification
28-02-2021Photos of Bhakti Kavi Sammelan
28-02-202128-02-2021 -> Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust today organised a devotional poetic symposium Bhakti Kavi Sammelan, in connection with the Fourth Centenary Celebrations of Mata Roop Bhawani
26-02-2021Withdrawal Form
26-02-2021Specimen of Ballot
26-02-2021Nomination Paper
26-02-2021Telephone and Email Directory of General Members
26-02-2021Constitution Amendment
26-02-2021Election Notofication
14-02-2021As a part of Prakash Utsav - 2021 celebrations in connection with commemoration of 400th Birth Anniversary of Sharika Swaroopa Mata Shree Roop Bhawani, an Essay Compettition for children was conducted by Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust (Regd.) In the Alakh Vatika of Jammu Bhawan on 14th February, 2021. The winners adjudged by the Judges were given trophies with Commendation certificates and all the participants were given Certificates of participation. Shri Sanjay Raina, eminent Social Scholer who was guest of honour, was facilitated with a shawl. Shri Sanjay Raina ji spoke on the occassion and explained in detail the mahatmyi of Gouri Tritya & HarRatri Vatuk, the theme of painting compettition. Shri Ashok Dhar, Interim President presided over the function. The organiser participants included S/Shri BL Jalali, IM Dhar, BJ Raina, SK Khashu, Sushil Watal, Kuldip Dhar (Sr), Raj Kumar Dhar, Satish Langar, Gokulji Dhar and others
07-01-2021On the auspicious occasion of 400th Birth Centenary of Mata Shree Roopbhawani a PAINTING COMPETITION is organised by Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust(Regd), at Mata Shree Roopbhawani Temple Complex, Talab Tilloo, Jammu on 14/2/2021 at 11.30 AM. Theme of the painting shal be HAR RATRI- VATUK. Desirous participant in the age group of 12 to 21 years of age may please click to register their name. Top performers will be awarded Trophies and all participants with Participation Certificates. For further details contact SAST office
25-11-2020Video of Live Devotional Cultural Program organised by the Trust in Collaboration with "Satchel The Matamal"
25-11-2020Photographs of the Live Devotional Cultural Program organised by the Trust in Collaboration with "Satchel The Matamal"
03-11-2020A live Webnar by Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust Regd. direct from Mata Shrees Taposthell Waskura, Distt. Ganderbal, Kashmir. Shri Bittu Ji Raina Ji (live today) a devout devotee of and direct dissident of Pandit Lalchand Razdan, Mata Shree Roop Bhawanis devout Sewak and param bhakht. This is possibly a blessing and a direction from Mata Shree Roop Bhawani that he (Bittu ji Raina & his Poornangni Nirmala ji) had to go back to Manigram from Jammu probably in September and stayed back there in Manigram to make us all devotees and viewers to have Shree Waskura darshans.
01-11-2020This is for the first time on such big platform, a lecture session on Webnar was arranged & organised by Deptt. of Comperative Religion and Civilization, Central University, Jammu in association with Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust to commemorate the 400th year celebrations of Mata Shree Roop Bhawanis Aavirbhav. The Topic was: Misticism in Jammu & Kashmir with special reference to Lalleshwari Devi and Mata Shree Roop Bhawani. Prof. Ashok Bhan, worthy VC, Central University, Jammu presided over and delivered an effective Presidential address. The session was moderated by Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Convenor. The speakers were Shri Ashok Aima, VC, Central University, Jammu, Shri Satish Dhar, writer, poet, author, Shri Sanjay Raina, an eminent scholar, Shri Bittu ji Raina, devout devotee of Mata Shree. Mr BL Jalali was Co convenor of the program. Click to view the full webinar.
30-10-2020Membership List
27-08-2020Moving a Devic goddess from Kashmir to Australia By Robyn Adams. Article previously named Kashmir Journey 1988
27-08-2020Video of Hawan on 9th September, 2018 in Waskura, Tehsil Sumbal, Distt. Ganderbal after 31 years
27-08-2020Hawan on 9th September, 2018 in Waskura, Tehsil Sumbal, Distt. Ganderbal after 31 years
15-08-2020Devi Puja - Keshav Bhatt Kashmiri
03-06-2020President, Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust (Regd.) addressing devotees and general public for Janam Divas of Mata Shree Roop Bhawani falling on 5th June, 2020.
27-05-2020Alakhishwari Shree Mata Roop Bhawani Documentary
18-02-2020Complete Vatak Puza with Explanatory Notes
16-09-2019Eye camp held at Jammu Bhawan
24-07-2019Clips of Gurupurnima celebrations at Jammu
24-07-2019Excerpts of Annual Yatra-2019
24-07-2019Gurupurnima Hawan celebrations at Cheshma Sahibi.
22-07-2019Inaugration ceremony of Repair & Renovation of Chashma Sahibi
22-07-2019Early morning visuals of Hawan on 16 July at Chashma Sahibi
22-07-2019Gurupurnima Hawan Preparation at Cheshma Sahibi
21-06-2019Excerpts of Janam Divas Celebrations at Jammu, Kashmir and Delhi
19-06-2019Sevaks serving Prasad
19-06-2019Janam Divas celebrations at Jammu
19-06-2019Celebrations at Dedmar, Srinagar
19-06-2019Celebrations of Janam Divas at Janam Bhoomi, Srinagar
19-06-2019Glimpses of Prakash Utsav-2019
14-06-2019President addressing the audience on the occasion of Prakash Utsav
14-06-2019Presentation of Prashansa Patra
14-06-2019Presentation of AKAKH SAMMAN-2019
14-06-2019Mesmerizing Bhajan by little kids
12-06-2019Excerpts of forceful lecture on Kashmir Shaivism by Ms Vimarshi Koul
12-06-2019Forceful lecture on Kashmir Shaivsm by Ms Vimarshi Koul
12-06-2019Lighting of lamp ceremony on the occasion of Prakash Utsav 2019 followed by recitation of Rehasyaupdesh(Excerpts)
24-04-2019General Council Meeting held on 14 April
24-04-2019A view of spring season in Temple Garden at Jammu
23-03-2019ALAKH SAMMAN-2019
23-03-2019ALAKH SAMMAN-2019
30-01-2019A view of paath recitation on Sahib Saptami.
30-01-2019Glimpses of Sahib Saptami Hawan on 26 Jan 2019
30-01-2019Release Ceremony of Matas Wakhs
23-10-2018Highlights of Bhajan Sandhya held in Temple complex during Nav Durga festival
22-10-2018Highlights of Bhajan Sandya programme held at Temple during Navdurga festival
16-10-2018Highlights of the Annual General Council Meeting
03-10-2018Recitation of holy Rehasya updesh by devotees.
03-10-2018Early morning Visuals of Hawan at Jammu
03-10-2018Sahibi Saptami Hawan Solmanised at various places, stills from Jammu, Kashmir and Jaipur
28-09-2018Renovation Works at Manigham Taposthal- Laying of Dever Stone in court yard and wood works.
24-09-2018Construction of Hardstanding in progress at Manigham Taposthal undertaken by Trust under the guidance and supervision of smt Nirmali ji and Sh Bittu ji Raina, Executive Council member of trust.
24-09-2018Annual Sahiban Saftami Hawan and General Council Meeting
13-09-2018Photographs taken at Abhinav theater
13-09-2018Documentary on Mata Shree Rupbhawani released
11-09-2018Participation of devotees at Waskura
11-09-2018Visuals of Hawan at Waskura
09/09/2018Spritual moments of Hawan at Waskura Asthapan 1st time after our displacement.
08-09-2018Sevaks making arrangements for Hawan at Matas holy Asthapan at Waskur
05-09-2018Chandan Shashti Puja
04-09-2018Some auspicious moments of Chandan Sheshti moksha udiyapan
04-09-2018Chandan Sheshti moksha udiyapan
28-08-2018Hawan at Waskura Taposthal on 09 September 2018
28-08-2018 Chandan Sheshti Udhaipan Pooja and Hawan
23-08-2018Blood doners being felicitated by Hon Relief and Rehabilitation comm and Hon President
21-08-2018Media coverage of Seminar
20-08-2018Honble Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner Sh M.L Raina addressing participants.
20-08-2018Hon. President, Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust, addressing participants in a Seminar on Blood Donation organised by K P Blood Bank in association with Shree Alakh Sahiba Trust on 19 August at Jammu
20-08-2018Glimpses of Seminar cum General Awareness about voluntary Blood Donation
18-08-2018Seminar cum General Awareness about voluntary Blood Donation on 19 Aug 2018 from 10 AM to 12 AM followed by serving of prasad.
09-08-2018Glimpses of Sevaks serving Prasad to devotees on Gurupurnima at Cheshma Sahibi
09-08-2018Memorable moments of Kashmir yatra and Gurupurnima Hawan at holy Asthapan of Chashme Sahibi
06-08-2018Spiritual moments of Gurupunima hawan at The Chashme Sahaibe and Kashmir Yatra
06-08-2018Yatris at holy asthapan of Waskura.
05-08-2018Yatris paying obeisance at Taposthals of Mata Alkhishwari
05-08-2018News Channel GULISTAN in valley reporting sacred Hawan performed by SAST on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima at Chesheme Sahibi on 27 August 2018
05-08-2018Kashmir yatra to holy Taposthals of Mata Roopbhawani flagged off on 25 Aug 2018
19-07-2018Mata Shree Roop Bhawani Temple under the auspices of SHRI ALAKH SAHIBA TRUST (REGD.) has organised kashmir Yatra of Mata Shree Roop Bhawani Taposthals. So visiting Tullamula, Waskur, Manigam, participation with "Prashada grehan" on the eve of Guru Purnima Hawan at Cheshma Sahibi & visiting Zaithyar, Hari Parbat, Shankaracharya, Mattan/Nagdandy from 25th to 29th July. Only Rs. 500 per person. Limited capacity, FIRST COME FIRST Basis. Please join. ₹500/- is Token Registration fee. Boarding n lodging in doormatory accomodations at the night hault destination points would otherwise be arranged FREE to yatries by Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust (Regd.).
01-07-2018Prakash Utsav - 2018 The "Alakh Samman" Awards & "Prashansya Patra" Trophies, conferred & awarded to awardees on Sunday, the 1st July, 2018.
26-06-2018Prakash Utsav - 2018
26-06-2018Celebration of Prakash Utsav - 2018 on the eve of Annual Jyestha Purnima Janam Divas Hawan
-Photos of Durga Ashtami Pooja "Pushparchan" being offered & performed in Mata Shree Roop Bhawani Temple Bhawan, Teeth Nagar, Talab Tillo
-Press Clippings of Biannual General Council Meeting on 08-04-2018
-Bi-Annual General Council Meeting 08-04-2018
-Talent Hunt written test conducted on 26-02-2018
-Medical Camp 16-02-2018
-Sahib Saptami 2018
-Ms Royarozanova a resident of Ukraine and staunch devotee of Alakhishwari paying obeisance
-General Council Meeting 29-10-2017
-Chandan shasti 13-07-2017
-Alakh Samman 2017
-396th Birthday Celebations
-Sahib Saptami 19-01-2017
-Release of Namawali
-395th Bithday Celebrations on 20-06-2016
-Diwali at MataRoop Bhawani Temple Jammu 11-05-2015
-Sahib Saptami 31-01-2016
-Nawa Kadal Temple (Before and After Renovation)
-Havan on 02-10-15
-Hawan on 02-06-2015 on Birthday of Mata
-Manigam Temple and Relic of Mata
-General Body Meeting Oct 2013
-Election 2013
-Srinagar Hawan 2013
-Chesma Sahibi
-Paintings of Mata
-Photos of Janambhoomi
-Photos of Mata
-Shri Roopa Bhawani Rehasyaopdesh Hindi
-Shri Roop Bhawani Rahasyaopdesh
23-04-2018Durga Ashtami Pooja "Pushparchan" being offered & performed in Mata Shree Roop Bhawani Temple Bhawan
23-04-2018श्री दुर्गा अष्टमी पुषपार्चण के पश्चात पुष्प तथा षेश सामग्री नहर में प्रवाह की गती।
23-04-2018Durga Ashtami Pooja "Pushparchan" being offered & performed in Mata Shree Roop Bhawani Temple Bhawan, Teeth Nagar, Talab Tillo under the auspices of Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust (Regd.)
10-04-2018Videos of Biannual General Council Meeting on 08-04-2018
08-04-2018Biannual General Council Meeting on 08-04-2018
26-02-2018SAST conducted an IQ written test in collaboration with JK Montisory Sr.Sec.School, Tirath Nagar today at 11.30 a.m. In total there were 65 participants who wrote the examination. Three Top scorers were awarded 1st, 2nd & 3 Prizes and all other participants were given the consolation prizes.
16-02-2018Multispeciality health check up camp organised with the help of Fortis Escorts Hospital, Amritsar...
13-02-2018Trust is organizing a Free Health Check-up camp on 16-02-2018
14-01-2018Annual Report of Activities of the Trust and Future Mission (2017-18)
18-11-2017Darshan of Sacred items used by the holy mother at her Taposthal in village Manigham. Work on maintenance and restoration of sacred items by devotees of Mata in progress.
18-11-2017Deepawali celebrations (2017) by staunch devotees of Mata Roop bhawani at her Taposathal at Manigham in Kashmir valley.
29-10-2017Minutes of General Body Meeting held on 29-10-2017
29-10-2017As decided in the last General Council meeting, Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust (Regd.) had its General Council meeting today, the 29th October, 2017 in its office at Mata Shree Roop Bhawani Bhawan at Talab Tillo. The meeting was attended by a sizable number of GC memb. Certain vital issues were deliberated in detail. The details of the issues would be posted shortly. Mata Shree bless us all.
29-10-2017General Council Meeting 29-10-2017 Video-4
29-10-2017General Council Meeting 29-10-2017 Video-3
29-10-2017General Council Meeting 29-10-2017 Video-2
29-10-2017General Council Meeting 29-10-2017 Video-1
10-09-2017The annual kaayagat saftami (pitra paksha) hawan of Shree Mata Roop Bhawani falls on 12th of Sept 2017. The yagya shall start at midnight on 11-09-2017 and puran ahuti shall be offered on 12-09-2017 at 02.00 PM amidst chanting of vedic mantras and Mata Shree Roop Bhawani`s Shlokas. Mata`s Rahasya Updesh Paath shall start at 12.30 afternoon. Devi`s prasad (Preeti Bhojh) shall be served at 03.00 PM.
13-07-2017Video of Chandan shasti 13-07-2017
13-07-2017Today on the eve of Chandan Sheshti, the Chandan Sheshti Mokhsha Puja and Hawan was solomonized by Shri Alakh Sahiba Trust (Regd.) in Mata Shree Roop Bhawani Bhawan at Talab Tillo, Jammu. There were around 130 Women participants who performed the Chandan Sheshti Mokhsha. The function (Puja) started at 7:30 a.m. and concluded at around 4:30 p.m. All the Alakh Sewaks assisted Shri Sanjay Dhar for getting this function accomplished with all ferver snd festivity. Mata Shree Roop Bhawani bless us all.
09-06-2017Click here to view photographs of 396th birthday celebrations
09-06-2017Alakh Samman presented to promonent personalties. Click here to view Photographs
09-06-2017The birth anniversary, Prakash Utsav of Alakheshwari Mata Roop Bhawani was celebrated on 09-06-2017
04-06-2017Celeberation of Prakash Utsav 2017 on 9th June 2017
18-01-2017Sahib Saptami 2017 - 4
18-01-2017Sahib Saptami 2017 - 3
18-01-2017Sahib Saptami 2017 - 2
18-01-2017Sahib Saptami 2017 - 1
18-01-2017Photos of Sahib Saptami 2017 are placed in the Gallery...
08-01-2017Annual Sahiban Saptami Yagya
24-12-2016Result declaration
24-12-2016Office bearers
24-12-2016Nominations received for 2016-21 elections page2
24-12-2016Nominations received for 2016-21 elections page1
24-12-2016Press Release
29-11-2016Welcome Address of President to worthy General Council of the Trust
29-11-2016Nomination Form
29-11-2016Withdrawal Form
29-11-2016Election Notification
29-11-2016Appointment of Election Officer
31-01-2016Click here to view the Photographs of 295th Annual Nirwan Diwas (Sahib Saphtami) and Release of Documentary on Mata Roop Bhawani...
31-01-2016The 295th Annual Nirwan Diwas of Mata Roop Bhawani celebrated at Tirath Nagar Temple on 31-01-2016. A Documentary "Alakh Ishwari Mata Roop Bhawani" was also released...
03-01-2015Namawali of Mata Roop Bhawani Released on 03rd Oct 2015
-Celebration of Annual Jeyesth Purnima Janam Divas Hawan
31-05-2015Medical/Pathological Camp organised at the Temple premises on 17-05-2015
-Second Medical Camp organized by the Trust in the Premises of the Trust at Tirath Nagar, Talab Tillo.